2nd World Mind Sports Games has Ended

With the closing ceremony on the Thursday evening, 23rd August, the second WMSG ended.

Congratulations to the young Go team from Chinese Taipei who won 11 medals (4 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze). Well done also to Japan for their gold and silver, and to Canada and Singapore who each got a bronze.

Thanks go to all who supported the event, especially to all the EGF organisers who worked so hard to ensure the Go ran smoothly, but
also to the sponsors and the main event team.

Youth Tournament Medals

Youth Tournament under 21 World Mind Sport Games 2012 Lille

1. Gold : Chinese Taipei Kuo Nai-Fu
2. Silver: Chinese Taipei Tsai Cheng-Wei
3. Bronze: Chinese Taipei Hsu Hao-Hung

Pair Go Medals

Pair Go medals


Gold : Japan Maya Osawa/Riki Nakasone Silver: Chinese Taipei Lin Hsiao-Tung /Hung Hsin-Wei Bronze: Chinese Taipei Lu Yu-Hua /Lai Yu-Cheng

Finals Pair Go

M.Osawa/R.Nakasone - Lin Hsiao/Hung H-W 1-0
(Japan) - Chinese Taipei)

Match 3rd and 4th place

N.Kovaleva / D.Surin -- Lu Yu-Hua/Lai Yu 0 - 1
(Russia) -- (Chinese Taipei)

Schedule finals Pair Go changed !!!

The Pair Go match for 3rd and 4 th place will be played at 10:00 am

The finals will start at 12:00

The schedule was changed because some players couldn't change their flights back home

Results Semi-Finals Pair Go Tournament


Natalia Kovaleva / Dmitriy Surin -- Lin Hsiao-Tung/Hung Hsin-Wei 0 - 1

(Russia) (Chinese Taipei)

Lu Yu-Hua/Lai Yu-Cheng -- Osawa Maya/Nakasone Riki 0 - 1

(Chinese Taipei) (Japan)

Qualified pairs for Pair Go tournament

Qualified pairs for the Semi Finals of the PairGo tournament
In group A
Hung H-W, Lin Hsiao-T, 6d Chinese Taipei
R.Nakasone, M.Osawa, 6d Japan

In group B

Lai Yu-C, Lu Yu-Hua 6d Chinese Taipei
D.Surin, N.Kovaleva 5d Russia

The semi finals will be played this afternoon at 14: 30
Hung H-W, Lin Hsiao-T, 6d Chinese Taipei - D.Surin, N.Kovaleva 5d Russia
Lai Yu-C, Lu Yu-Hua 6d Chinese Taipei - R.Nakasone, M.Osawa,6d Japan

Results Semi-Finals Youth Tournament

Cheng-Wei Tsai 1-0 Jia Rui Zhao
Nai-Fu Kuo 1-0 Hao-Hung Hsu

Match 3rd and 4th place:
Hao-Hung Hsu CT - Jia Rui Zhao HK

Cheng-Wei Tsai CT - Nai-Fu Kuo CT

Qulified Players for Semi-Finals Youth Tournament

Qualified for Youth Tournament Semi-Finals

1. Cheng-Wei Tsai Chinese Taipei
2. Nai-Fu Kuo Chinese Taipei
3. Hao-Hung Hsu Chinese Taipei
4. Jia Rui Zhao Hong Kong

Group Photo Youth and Pair Go players

Click picture for large version.

Youth Tournament Round 5

Pairings for the fifth round of the Youth tournament. The game on board 4 will be broadcast on EuroGoTV


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