Go events of WMSG in Chinese press

News about the Go events is now on two famous Chinese Go websites

One is “Sina Sports news”, another is “Tom Sports Weiqi”. These two are the most famous website go news in China so that there are many Chinese players they will see the news here. You can see the links as follows:
“Sina Sports news”
Homepage http://sports.sina.com.cn/chess/
News about team tournament of WMSG http://sports.sina.com.cn/go/2012-08-20/14446195933.shtml (8/20)
Pictures about team tournament of WMSG http://slide.sports.sina.com.cn/go/slide_2_820_33691.html (8/20)

“Tom Sports Weiqi”
Homepage http://weiqi.sports.tom.com/
News about team tournament of WMSG http://post.weiqi.tom.com/s/9A000AB16341.html (8/20)

about WMSG http://post.weiqi.tom.com/s/F2000B055617.html (8/15)
News about WMSG http://post.weiqi.tom.com/s/92000B265967.html (8/16)
Ingrid Chang

P.S. news is in Chinese