Professional Go commentary at the World Mind Sportgames

Li Ting
Yuki Shigeno
Lee Sungjae
Park Seungchul

For professional commentary on the amateur Go games at the World Mind Sport Games we have 4 professionals in Lille.

Mrs Li Ting 1 dan pro

Li Ting is a Chinese professional 1 dan at the Kansai Ki-in, but living in Austria.
She is recently appointed as liason officer of the European Go Federation.
She is in Lille for the entire tournament.

Mrs Shigeno Yuki 2 dan pro

Yuki is professional 2 dan player from Japan.
Yuki is secretary general of the IGF (The International Go Federation).
She has lived many years in Italy and is famous for teaching Go to kids all over the world.
She is visiting Lille for a number of meetings with IMSA and Sport Accord to prepare next Go events, but will try to find time to comment Go games as well.

Mr. Lee Sung-Jae 9 dan pro

Lee Sung Jae is a 9 dan professional Go player from Korea
Together with Mr Park, he is making a big tour through Europe visiting a number of Go events in Europe and of course they visit the World Mind Sport Games in Lille.
They will be in Lille from 15-16 August on their way to the Dutch Go Camp and maybe again later, from 20 august.

Mr. Park Seung-Chul 7 dan pro

Park Seung- Chul is a 7 dan professional, also from Korea, travelling together wit Mr. Lee.

Details of professional commentary and lectures will be posted at the 8th floor .