Qualification tournament for Sport Accord Mind Games Beijing started in Lille

10 players participate in SportAccord Qualification Tournament for SportAccord World Mind Games 2012. The Qualification is held in Lille, France, within a period of 9th-12th August 2012 and is included into 2nd WMSG program.
Participating players are:
1. Ilja Shiksin, Russia, EGF rating 2741
2. Csaba Mero, Hungary, EGF rating 2618
3. Pavol Lisy, Slovakia, EGF rating 2592
4. Mateusz Surma, Poland, EGF rating 2582
5. Jan Hora, the Czech Republic, EGF rating 2565
6. Dmitrij Surin, Russia, EGF rating 2562
7. Lukas Podpera, the Czech Republic, EGF rating 2554
8. Lukas Kramer, Germany, EGF rating 2519
9. Remi Campagnie, France, EGF rating 2513
10. Zeno van Ditzhuijzen, the Netherlands, EGF rating 2418
Zeno van Ditzhuijzen was seeded into the tournament as a reserve player to make a number of players even.