Round 4 results

On Board 1 of the men Lukas Podpera of Czechia took on Hung Hsin-Wei of Chinese Taipei, but lost by 2.5 points. Two other players from Chinese Taipei also ended round 4 with no losses, so those unbeaten were Hung, Lo Sheng-Chieh and Lai Yu-Cheng. A total of 12 players from several nations were on three wins.

In the Women's event Japan's Osawa Maya beat Irene Sha of Canada to become the only unbeaten lady. Those on three wins were Irene Sha, Lin Hsiao-Tung of Chinese Taipei, Vanessa Wong from UK, Lu Yu-Hua of Chinese Taipei and Jin (Sarah) Yu of Canada.

Only one more round to sort out the top 4 for the knock-out stage.